Industrial Cybersecurity 4.0 is an international project in which the main goal is to offer training (theoretical and practical) materials for operational technicians who need to be aware of main risks and dangers in connected Industry 4.0 control systems.

Proyecto Leonardo de Transferencia de Innovación liderado por POLITEKNIKA IKASTEGIA TXORIERRI

Cultural Awareness in Vocational Training through Elearning, CATEL, will take the outcomes of two European projects, Orientation and CATIT which dealt with an intercultural approach to education of adults and technical students. The outcomes of these two projects will be transferred sectorially, geographically and methodologically.

Project outcomes will include:
  • Recommendations to be used as a basis for the development of CATEL training course (R1).
  • CATEL training course (R2).
  • Guidelines for the deliverer of the course (R3).
  • Enhanced multimedia programme on conflict solving in intercultural issues when teaching immigrants (R2).
  • Analysis of the Impact (R4).
  • Analysis of the transfer of innovation process (R5).
  • Project Website (R6).

Destrezas de coaching para profesorado y formadores/as interesados en fomentar el emprendizaje